About AsianFest

30th April 2016
Výstaviště Holešovice

Welcome to AsianFest Prague 2016,

AsianFest Prague is a brand new concept, which has not been seen in Prague before. The main goal of this event is to deliver AsianFest customers an authentic experience of the Far East, whether through the busy streets of “Chinatown“ or the sunny vibes of the Thai Ko Pha Ngan beaches. The thoroughly planned and constructed thematic decorations, the programme and entertainment will ensure that our guests will feel the unique atmosphere.

The AsianFest team will do their best to organize and create the best Asian themed event that Prague has ever seen and experienced. The festival will be divided into six districts: Main Street, Chinatown, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea and Japan. Each district will be authentic and will represent the best of each country. I invite you to come join this AsianFest adventure with us and would also like to thank you for your trust in us! You will not be disappointed and I believe AsianFest will be an unforgettable experience for you!

Jiří Zuska jr. Festival director