About Tickets

You can choose from three ticket categories: Economy Class, Business Class and First Class. All price categories include a cultural program, workshops and other entertainment activities. On top that, thanks to the AsianFest, you will have an exclusive access to the Prague's Sea World!

At the festival, three “Banks of Asia” will be present, where you will be able to purchase AsianFest tokens, which will be used as the festival currency to purchase food. The price of one token is 50 CZK. Once purchased, tokens are non-refundable.

Below is a description of services and benefits, which each ticket category additionally includes:

Economy Class - 200 CZK

  • Entrance at 11:30
  • Does not include any AsianFest tokens

Business Class - 390 CZK

  • Welcome drink
  • Early entrance at 10:00
  • Does not include any AsianFest tokens

First Class - 1200 CZK

  • Welcome drink
  • Early entrance at 10:00
  • 5 AsianFest tokens
  • VIP Asian Palace Area
  • Private bar and restaurant
  • All-inclusive non-alcoholic bar
  • Food tasting
  • Private Chill out seating area

Entrance for children up to 80cm is free. Children accompanied by Business or First Class ticket holders are entitled for early free entrance, however other benefits of the tickets are not included. Therefore the purchase of Business and First Class tickets is necessary in the case of wanting accompanying children to have all services and benefits of these categories.

Tickets will also be available on the spot. The price of Economy Class tickets will be 250 CZK. Business and First Class tickets will remain at the same price as pre-sale, however due to the limited number, we encourage you to buy them beforehand.